Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

by jacaranda on May 13, 2012

If you are in the market for a pet containment system for your dog, the first you usually do is to check out wireless dog fence reviews on the Internet. Most individuals would rather not read testimonials on manufacturer sites since they are largely positive and may even be concocted to make their products look appealing to a consumer.

Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

If you are looking for reviews on wireless dog fences, it is better to make a list of the various pet containment systems and then do a search for critiques. By narrowing down the systems, you will be able to get very informative reviews from experts in the field of invisible fencing as well as your fellow pet owners.

Wireless Dog Fence Reviews Characteristics to Look For

Wireless Dog Fence ReviewsWhen it comes to expert reviews, these individuals with the technical know-how on wireless fencing systems look for three important characteristics. The first characteristic is called the Boundary Wobble. This refers to a system’s ability or inability to maintain a strict boundary line.

While no system is perfect, the boundary wobble should not move too much or is too inconsistent, so that your dog does not have a clean understanding of boundaries it should stay within.

The second characteristic is called the Retreat Response. The best system would “signal” the dog to stop when it is still far off from the boundary. However, some systems would not stop “correcting” the dog until it reaches the designated safe area. Ideally, the system should stop corrections when the dog turns to retreat.

The third characteristic is Test Methodology. This is commonly performed on systems by experts. Here, they test if the signal can reach up to a 70 foot radius, can penetrate several layers of interior and exterior walls, and penetrate natural obstructions, such as small hills and slopes and vegetation.

Wireless Dog Fence Reviews by Consumers

There are reviews for certain pet containment systems that are frequently researched by consumers. One very good example is the Perimeter Wifi Fence, especially since it is considered the pioneer in wireless fences for dogs. However, experts give the Perimeter Wifi Fence very poor marks because of its higher value for boundary wobbles. Frequent drops in signal have also been noted. Dog correction is also very poor with the signal being sent to the collar too late or correction still continues even if the dog has already retreated.

Slightly better than the Perimeter Wifi Fence are the PetSafe Wireless and the PetSafe Stay + Play. Both of these products have been found to have a more stable boundary wobble. Ironically, however, the PetSafe Stay + Play (which is the newer model) has a high boundary wobble of 6.6 to 10 feet compared to the older PetSafe Wireless. If you are to choose between these two systems, experts advise that you buy the older model instead.

The pet containment system that has received consistently high marks is the Havahart Wireless Dog Fence. There are two specific Havahart systems available, namely the Wireless Radial and the Wireless Custom. The Havahart Wireless Radial creates a circular boundary around the central controlling unit.

While manufacturers boast of containment areas of 400 feet, experts advise that it is better to limit the boundary to 250 feet to maintain excellent performance of your wireless fence. In contrast, the Wireless Custom allows you to set a roaming area in any size and shape that you want. You can even create an exclusion zone within the containment area.

Although experts have criticized the Havahart systems for their absence of battery back up, inconsistencies in wireless signals, and a bulky collar, these are still the best and most reliable pet containment systems in the market today.

Learn more about the various wireless systems available through wireless dog fence reviews today!

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